Thursday interval training

Our Thursday sessions are advertised through our private Striders training and coaching group on Facebook which is open to members. This is where you will see all updates relating to Thursday sessions on top of all sorts of coaching/ running lifestyle advice.  If you have been given access to the group, but are not on Facebook, then please look back on this page for updates on any cancelled sessions or changes of location, all of which will be detailed below. 

**Due to time and travel commitments for our coaches, Sessions can usually be cancelled based on how many people comment on the Facebook posts. We generally look to have a minimum of 6-8 people for each session for it to go ahead**

For more information please email the Striders Head Coach, Cameron at: 

Thursday 18th April **Please check here around 3:30 /4pm Thursdays to see if there are any changes or cancellations for the sessions**
Thursday interval session at **Copthill School, Uffington' for 6:30pm**