The Striders Coaching Team

Stamford Striders has a very experienced coaching team comprising of qualified UKA coaches who bring a vast array of experiences to the club and lead our team of running leaders and assistant coaches. These coaches are here to help you on your running journey and to provide guidance when needed. For more information please feel free to contact head coach Cameron at:

On this coaching tab you will also find written entries on subjects relating to improving your running- so feel free to have a browse!

Head Coach- Cameron Harris (AC)

I've been the head coach of Striders for over 2 years and I have very much enjoyed expanding what the club offers in terms of coached sessions and advice. I also have a coaching role in my fist claim club, Peterborough and Nene Valley AC. One of my main interests in coaching is the philosophy of sport coaches and the ethics they use to fulfil their roles. My main coaching areas of focus tends to be around well being and health with running, particularity on the subject of recovery and adaption in sport. I love leading the Striders coaching team and our team of running leaders and assistant coaches, and I have much more planned for the club to help improve and reshape your running. 

Deputy Head Coach- Verity Sutton Fisher (CIRF)

After helping out at a couple of beginners courses I started out leading four years ago and soon fell in love with coaching people of all abilities. I quickly trained up as a coach so I could do more and have more variety in the sessions I led and the way in which I could support people. I’ve been a deputy/assistant head coach for a couple of years at my previous club and now Striders. It’s great being involved in planning our coached sessions to support our members. 

As well as loving running myself, I find it particularly rewarding helping people get into running in a positive and sustainable way. 

Technical Coach- Keith Read (CIRF)

My interest in how we run started after my first hip replacement in 2007 when I wanted to carry on running but reduce the wear on my new joint. I spent time with the Accelerate Performance Centre in Sheffield not only learning how we should run but how with the use of running drills we can educate the mind and the body as to how running should feel. I started with the UKA running leader course and then Coach in Running Fitness alongside some additional coaching training in Sheffield.

 As a coach running technique and running fitness is still my main focus, reducing the risk of injury and making athletes more efficient, this combined with smart training enables them to run further and faster without training more. As I can do less running with age there is an element of those that can do and those that can’t talk. The most rewarding part of coaching is seeing the improvement in athletes performance and playing a part in them reaching their running goals.

Juniors Coach - Joe Jones (Military ETL)

 I’ve been in the miliatry since 1997 and  I was a physical training instructor preparing and training soldiers for all types of environments, now I’m UKA Running Coach an Endurance Trained leader and run and train the Regimental Cross-Country Team. I have completed operational tours all over the world and all different types of environments. I have quite a few qualifications which I have gained in the military from Mountain leader, GPS instructor and Ski leader to mention just a couple. 

I’ve always been an outdoors person as a child I spent most weekends walking with my parents or grandparents covering most scenery the north of England has to offer. The next natural progression for me was running although I do a lot of cardio though work, there is nothing better than open fields and hills,