Running Drills

Drills are a key component to increasing your strength and stability, along with helping to fine-tune our running technique. By effectively exaggerating and replicating movements you will be undertaking in the session, it helps us to transition into the sessions more effectively. This will help you run faster and better as a result. By undergoing these movements we help to activate muscles and make them stronger, and we also help to develop good running form which helps us hold paces for longer without dropping off.
Finishing off with 3-4 x 50-80m strides is also key. Not only does this make us fitter by helping us get used to running at top end speeds, the strides help us accumulate what we have learnt/ got ready in the drills into practice, so we can get some very short but high quality runs in before the session starts.
Yes, it can feel like a chore doing a 10 minute warm up and 10 minute drills, but it's a key component in increasing fitness, stability, strength and speed. The more you do it, the more results you'll see, and the less chance injuries will develop.
Good performance isn’t just turning up to a race and telling yourself to run faster, it’s ticking off all of the core fundamentals and doing them consistently. Cameron Harris- Head Coach