Coronavirus Restrictions

Back to Normal
1st August 2021

All Coronavirus advice and guidance had been removed from the England Athletics website.

We are free to organise running sessions, meetings, parties etc etc etc exactly as we did before Covid.

We no longer require a Covid Co-ordinator.

Thank you and good night,

Robin Ball
Covid Co-ordinator retired
Stamford Striders 

Prev notes :

19th July 2021

The latest England Athletics advice is as follows :

  • There are no legal restrictions around numbers gathering across both indoor and outdoor settings. This means all venues and events can take place with no limit on participant and spectator numbers. Notwithstanding the normal risk assessments and event management practice must be adhered to.
  • There is no legal requirement for clubs, facilities, coaches or competition providers to collect data for test and trace or to display a QR code.
  • Currently there are no legal requirements around COVID-19 tests or NHS passports pre- or post-participation.
  • There are no restrictions on social distancing or requirement for test and trace to be carried out.
  • UK Government guidance should be followed for international travel. Exemptions to some of the restrictions do exist for those athletes classified as ‘elite’ and these are detailed in the UK Government elite sport guidance
  • There are no restrictions on car sharing, minibus or coach travel.
  • Participants and volunteers can now travel across England and stay overnight to participate and volunteer within the sport. There are no restrictions on volunteers sharing rooms with people from outside their family.
  • There is an emphasis on personal responsibility for reducing risk. Clubs and competition providers should give clear guidance that individuals should not turn up to an athletics or running environment (club, coached or competition) if displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Clubs and competition providers should make participants aware of:
    • Clear guidance to prospective participants on COVID-19 symptoms
    • Any safety measures they put in place to reduce risk
    • Reducing any potential transmission to staff
    • Ways to mitigate risk to vulnerable groups
  • Clubs and competition providers may (but this is NOT mandatory) ask participants to:
    • Sign in using a QR code and keep test and trace data
    • Take a COVID-19 test before participation
    • Wear a mask

Previous Advice , now superceded

10th March 2021

Stamford Striders Return to Running Covid Guidelines

The National Governing Body for us is England Athletics (part of UK Athletics). They have published guidance from Government that allows us to return to training in unlimited numbers where that training takes part in a “formal, organised, outdoor, Covid secure environment” and in groups limited to 6, where it takes part in an “unorganised (non-coached)” environment.

This guidance is currently expected to come into effect on 29th March and is currently the same for the first three steps of the Governments Roadmap. Step 4 is the removal of all restrictions and is expected to come into effect no earlier than 21st June.

They further define a “Covid secure environment” as one where a Covid Coordinator is in place; a Covid Action Plan is published; a Risk Assessment has been completed; groups adhere to Government social distancing guidelines; a pre-activity health care questionnaire is completed; and track and trace registration is completed.

England Athletics Health and Safety quotes “Resuming club activity will always carry a degree of risk associated with transmission of Covid-19. The risk cannot be eliminated unless you decide not to resume activity until there is an effective vaccine or cure, or the disease is eliminated from the UK. As a club you need to consider what are the key generic, operational and site specific risks and how you can mitigate these risks by specific actions you take. The law does not expect you to eliminate all risk, but you are required to protect people as far as ‘reasonably practicable’.”

Stamford Striders comply with these requirements to protect our members as far as reasonably practical as follows:

Covid Coordinator

Our Covid Coordinator is Robin Ball. However, responsibility rests with all of us. The Committee have reviewed and agreed our Action Plan and Risk Assessment, and all members are responsible for abiding by the restrictions we are operating under, notably social distancing and only attending Club training if fully fit with no symptoms of Covid 19. The covid coordinator is the main point of contact for covid related issues or questions.

Covid Action Plan

The Covid Action Plan is to mitigate the risks identified in the Risk Assessment. Much of the guidance from England Athletics surrounds use of facilities and track and field events where equipment may be used, and, therefore, does not apply to us.

However, the following rules will apply:

No indoor facilities are available for use (sports hall, toilets, foyer)
Runners should aim to arrive close to the start time of any training and leave promptly afterwards
Do not congregate in groups before, during, or after the session
Runners are required to give their names to the Run Leader who will enter it into their phone and send to the Covid coordinator.
        This is our Track and Trace system and uses your contact details in our membership database. Any runner not registered with the club must also give contact details
Groups will continue to be separated as much as possible using different start/finish locations and times, with no opportunity to switch between groups during the run
While road running in public we will plan to avoid the busier areas of town. Runners should give other pedestrians a suitably wide berth
Any runner subsequently receiving a Covid positive test should report this to the Club Covid Coordinator who will inform UKA via the Covid reporting form

Risk Assesment

A Risk Assessment has been carried out and is attached below for information

Government Social Distancing Guidelines

2m is the required social distancing 

Pre Activity Health Questionnaire

This will be a generic verbal reminder by Coaches / Run Leaders, prior to any run, to only take part if you are symptom free and consider yourself fit. Most notably do not attend if you have a high temperature, a new, continuous, cough or a loss of taste or smell

Track and Trace Registration

As mentioned above, Coaches / Run Leaders will take a register of names prior to a run to facilitate or track and trace obligations.


UKA Club, Coach and Run Leader Insurance remains in place and valid once the Risk Assessment and Action Plan is in place

More In Depth Information

In formulating our guidance and action plan the Club has taken account of more detailed information which you can access at the following links:

Managing or confirming suspected cases of Covid 19

Stamford Striders Covid 19 Risk Assessment

HazardsWho might be harmedSettingsMitigations
Lack of awareness re government, EA and club guidelines for limiting risk of transmission of Covid 19
Runners, Coaches, Run Leaders, Parents
All Club settings
Communicate Risk Assessment and Covid Action Plan to all members. Run Leaders to remind runners of health requirements before runs
Spreading Covid 19 through contact with disease on a surface
As aboveAll Club settings
Indoor facilities not available for use. Avoiding routes, to best of abilities, that negotiate gates, stiles or similar
Spreading Covid 19 through airborne transmission by an infected person
As above plus publicAll Club settings
Minimise time of contact by not congregating at start and end of sessions and maintaining social distancing during run. Giving a wide berth to members of public encountered on run. Choosing less populated routes. No swapping between groups. Different start and finish points and times for different groups
Spreading Covid 19 while dealing with a first aid incident
All aboveAll Club settings
First Aiders to carry Covid supplies in packs. For very minor injuries give required supplies to runner to administer themselves (eg bandage) Where help is needed give a mask to injured runners to put on and put own mask on before assisting. For major assistance of unconscious casualty, first aider must consider whether they accept the risk or not (this is no different to any unconscious person where you do not know what they may, or may not, have)
Nick Wells
Club Chairman