Beginners 5k to 10k course

What is it and who can join?

After our 10k Beginner course is finished we offer a course to get new runners running from 32 minutes to 1hr continuous in 9 weeks. This course is based on the same lines as Couch to 5k, and features variations of timed-based running intervals mixed in with walking recoveries. The course is ran by our qualified running leaders and UKA  assistant coaches who will be with you every step of the way and will always be showing support and encouragement. All runners on the course will be encouraged to run at an easy conversational pace, and there will be no emphasis on racing or ‘pushing’ people throughout the course.

We welcome anyone new to running to join in on the course, and even those who are regular runner looking to have a social run during the week. If you have been a regular runner and have been off injured for a few weeks we also welcome you to join. As long as you can run comfortably for 30 min you are more than welcome to take part!

**Please note- any under 18s joining the course must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian**

As per Couch to 5k, we strongly advise runners to repeat the session one more time during the week to help with the transition into the following week and to maintain fitness. On  top of doing the 5k/10k run twice a week, we also recommend you slot a third run in during the week of an easy 15-20 min as well.


When and Where?

The course will be starting and finishing from the play park opposite Malcom Sargent School in Stamford every Wednesday from 6:30pm from September 13th 2023  Address details are: Empingham Rd, Stamford PE9 2SR. There's no designated parking in this area, although there is a layby just outside Malcom Sargent  School and the areas around the estate to park. Upon arrival at the school you will see directly opposite a lit park with a path going around it, please make your way to the middle-far side of the park (where it meets the farm field) and you'll see our running leaders there. 

Once the session starts runners would expand out to the surrounding area from the play park in west Stamford. The session will start with a brisk 5 min walking warm up, followed by 5 minutes of drills. Once the session is complete we will do a 5 min walking cool down, followed by stretches.


What to bring?

We will be running the course over the late summer/ autumn period and this will be the same for all future courses. It is therefore a requirement to bring along high viz material so you can be seen and safe. 

As the weather over winter may potentially be horrid it is also a strong recommendation to bring clothes that will keep you warm, comfortable and safe. These include but are not restricted to the following: Rain proof/wind proof jacket, gloves, running buff, summer hat (for rainy weather to keep rain off face) a hat to cover your ears when cold, long sleeve tops for under layers, running leggings/tights, good pair of running shoes and comfortable socks. Arm compression items may be useful to as if the weather is milder than expected these can be taken off and stored in pockets.  Compression tops can be useful as well for rainy weather as they help to keep your core dry.

We also recommend after rainy weather to bring a spare shirt to get changed into if you are driving up, and a hot drink/snack in car in case of worse than usual conditions as well.

How can I join?

Please send me an email expressing your interest at J  We will send emails out to communicate any potential change in location or cancellation of the session in case of dangerous weather, along with what the session will be for that week so you can repeat it. 


Important/ other bits

Our running leaders are committed volunteers and sadly may not always be available each week to do the session. If the session is cancelled due to lack of leaders then we strongly recommend to do the run in your own time in a safe and quiet place.

The course is currently under development so times and locations may alter. Please keep your eye out on your Facebook pages, including our Striders Beginners community page to get any updates before the course starts. Furthermore if we do not have any takers for the course then it will not go ahead.

Alternatively, if anyone is interested in trying out our 10 week 5k to 10k programme solo or with others away from the club,  then please send me an email at  or message me on Facebook !  

Cameron Harris

Head Coach, Stamford Striders