Training Sessions

The Striders Tuesday Run

What: 4 paced groups led by UKA qualified Running Leaders, usually with a tail leader at the rear of each group.  We plan 4 co-ordinated stops so that you can move up or down groups during the course of the session. Our Tuesday sessions are a really good chance to get to know other club members, discuss training tips etc. Ideal for a recovery run after a weekend race.
Where: Borderville Sports Centre, Ryhall Road, Stamford - or when the Football Team is playing at home we will run from The Cattle Market, which is just on the south ide of Stamford Meadows - check on the day or day before under the Running with Striders menu.
When: Every Tuesday, 7.00 pm sharp

Hill Repeats Sessions

What: Structured effort sessions of either hard interval work or hill work, designed to give you that extra boost of speed when you most need it in a race. Come along, run at your own level, and you`ll soon start to notice the difference in your times. A sure way to improve your PBs.
Where: The Cattle Market car park, Stamford 
When: Thursday, 7.00 pm sharp

The LSR - Long Slow Run

What: Longer  Longer distance run at a slower pace often 10 - 12 miles with variations to suit individuals and what they are training. We might split into groups or the faster runners might turn and run to the back of the group from time to time - "Indian Running".

Where: Usually Bath Row, Stamford - but check on our Facebook site as this can vary
When: Sunday, often 8:30 but time varies

Other Activities

Many Striders enter races - you will quite a few of us at local races especially but also further afield.

In the winter we run Moon Runs from time to time - head torches and high viz are essential as we head off out into the countryside - tremendous fun and these certainly add a new dimension to your running.