Moon Run

Friday 3rd November

Moon runs are back

Widen the enjoyment of running by doing something extraordinary - running by the light of the moon, or if it is cloudy by the lights of our head torches. 

We will set off to intrepidly explore the countryside using footpaths that we normally only run in daylight in the summer

Starting from Borderville at 7 pm

There is no set pace and we will stop a few times to regroup - the key thing is to ensure that no one is left alone to fend for themselves.

Probably just over an 1 hours running depending on who comes along.

High viz and torch mandatory - kit inspection before we leave, no kit = no go.

There is the possibility of the odd splash of mud so this is a really good night for new trainers to get rid of that silly new shoes look - they won't look new by the time we get back

 Click here for the Route Card

Any questions please e-mail  Robin