Club Management

All about the club Management Committee
Stamford Striders is managed by an elected committee (it's formal name is the 'Management Committee') drawn from members of the club. 
The full constitution of the club can be inspected at Governance / Policies and Practices on this website.
The committee consists of 14 people. There are 4 officers : Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
Election takes place at every AGM, with all committee members including the 4 officers standing down each year. Any paid up member can stand for election or re-election including the officer posts, subject to giving the required notice of their willingness to stand.
The committee is responsible for managing all aspects of the club, with the proviso that the club constitution rules that certain major changes can only be approved by the membership as a whole, either at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
Committee operates democratically with all committee members having an equal vote, decisions can only be taken if a quorum including at least 2 officers is present.
A key responsibility of committee is the selection of people to take up the 'active' roles within the club such as 30k Race Director, Head Coach, Running Leaders etc etc.  These roles are not elected, typically a 30k Race Director will server 2 or 3 years whereas the position of Head Coach is normally long term. It is the responsibility of committee, on behalf of the whole club, to select suitable replacements as and when positions need to be filled. Coaching requires specific qualifications and the club will pay course fees where there is a good expectation that the candidate will be active in role for a reasonable length of time.
There is absolutely no requirement for a candidate to be a committee member to be considered for any of the active roles within the club, indeed the only requirements are to be a paid up club member and to hold any appropriate qualifications. Committee will inevitably tend to favour candidates who have a track record of working as team members within the relevant area of club life.
If someone taking up one of the key roles is not a committee member they will invariably be invited to join committee due to the importance of the role and the necessity of working closely with the committee. Technically that person is a co-opted committee member pending the next AGM but takes part as an equal at committee meetings. 

Meet the 2018 / 19 Committee 

Nick Wells

Club Chairman

I had always done a bit of jogging, but it was with a fair amount of trepidation that I accepted a friend's invitation to join Stamford Striders in 2007.  What if they were all super athletes and I ended up left behind somewhere in the wilderness? It turned out that they weren't, and I wasn’t, and I had a ball.  
The whole ethos of the club is to enjoy running first and foremost, and then to take it as far as you want. Our Coaches, Running Leaders and members have a whole range of running experience and will support you from those first few strides. Just want to run to keep fit and enjoy the social side?  Then come along on a Tuesday night when we have over 100 runners of all abilities. Want to push yourself a little further?  We have Thursday hill sessions or Coached track training. Fancy running further? Sunday long, slow runs.  If you fancy competing, we have a Club Championship with a nominated calendar of local races. It doesn’t matter where you finish, just that you start. We will be there at the finish line cheering every Strider home. Don’t feel you have to - remember, our big thing is to be comfortable with your running and to enjoy it - I bet you do though!.   When I started out at Stamford Striders I was jogging a couple of miles. Since then I’ve done 10ks, Half and Full Marathons; run road, trail, and cross country; taken part in team relay events; and enjoyed many Club social events along the way. I certainly feel as fit as I have ever been.  I’m still having a ball.

Robin Ball

Club Vice Chairman

Membership Secretary

Running Leader

I started running at the end of April 2009 when I finally took up Strider Brian Kearsey's challenge. I thought I was fit - 4 sets of enthusiastic tennis no problem - but not having run for over 40 years my running limit was about 300 yards before stopping, chest heaving and legs like rubber. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but at the age of 57, thanks to the 2009 Beginners course and Striders' regular meets I had a fantastic first year of running - solo runs, lots of club runs and some races. I rounded off Year One with the London Marathon and started Year Two with the Edinburgh Marathon. I love the sense of achievement and getting properly fit for the first time in my life. I love the mix of friendship, help and competition and now, eight years in, I wish I had discovered running years ago - maybe I could have been good!

Elaine Allwood

Club Secretary

Running Leader

My first contact with Striders was in May 2009 when I started the 10 week beginner course - it sounds a bit corny but it was life-changing especially as I was not a youngster! I am now a Running Leader and Secretary to this great Club. Not only have I got the running bug - but I have made loads of friends, have run five half marathons and numerous 5k Parkruns and 10k races. The less-than-flattering photo is when I had finished the Great Eastern, but I love that photo because I remember clearly how I felt - pretty chuffed that I had actually managed to get round the course in a decent time and at how much I had enjoyed the experience!

James Skinner

Club Treasurer

I've been running most of my life, starting at school and running with my Dad from an early age. After over-competitive and stressful high school running years, I lost motivation and stopped in my twenties. Introducing my wife, Maggie, to running got me going again, and then joining the Striders in 2010 led us into a friendly and inclusive running community. I've been running regularly ever since, and loving every minute of it.

Becca Stubbs

Head Coach

I first discovered Striders in May 2010 when a friend told me about their Beginners course. I decided to go along to get a bit fitter and get in shape. I never imagined what that decision would lead to! Stamford Striders are the friendliest bunch of people I have ever come across, who, from that very first day, make you feel so welcome. So much so, I decided I wanted to be a part of such a fantastic club and as a result took the Running Leaders Course the following year. This led to an Assistant Coaching Course which was soon followed by the Full Coaching Qualification and then in 2015 I took on the role of Head Coach. I developed a love for running soon after joining and was so inspired by other members of the club that I took on the challenge of five half marathons in 2011 and then a full marathon in 2012. Whilst I’ll always have a love for running, I now feel my biggest passion is coaching. To help someone, old or young, fast or slow, achieve something they didn’t think was possible is a wonderful thing. So if you’re reading this wondering if you should come along and give us a go, then just do it! It could be the best decision you ever make!

Mark Alderson

30k Race Director

Running Leader 

I’ve been sporty since childhood, competing in inter-county cross country at school, and on the athletics field. Running took a back seat when I got into tennis and squash at county level, but, over the the years, I took part in the ‘odd race’, including my favorite – The Great North Run – which I’ve done countless times. Although I travel a lot for work, running shoes are always in my suitcase – that's a good thing about running you don’t need much equipment.   In 2009 I challenged myself to do the Rutland Marathon, and despite having to complete the last seven miles with a stick, I finished it! The physical benefits and emotional release meant, after a 14-year break, my old love for the sport returned. I knew I was 'running in the right direction' when I joined Striders in 2013, and soon got hooked on racing.  Now I’m running seriously, almost to the point of addiction, and have Marathon de Sables, the Comrades Ultramarathon, and the Swiss OCC ultra in my sights! Having recently become a Running Leader and UKA Running Coach, I’d like to inspire people to find the passion for running that I have, and perhaps soon I will be tempting you to do a local Parkrun… or to join me on an ultra! 
Happy running!

Brian Kearsey

Running Leader 

Championship Co-ordinator 

Club Kit 

I’ve been running for a long time, having joined my first running club in London in 1960 (the Crown & Manor - not a pub), I did a lot of road running and cross country in those days. Alongside a lot of football and squash, I've run ever since. Needless to say, I enjoy running both as a physical and emotional release valve, despite the fact that in recent years I have become more of a “plodder/back marker” than a true runner – even as a Running Leader I seem to spend more time following the group rather than leading – but, hey, who cares! Striders is a great club for runners of all levels, and I can highly recommend the Tuesday and Thursday sessions and the 'long slow run' on a Sunday morning. I am a committee member dealing with club kit and the club championship. Running is a fun sport and, through Striders, I have made lots of new friends of all ages since arriving here nearly 11 years ago. It is pleasing to see so many new members committed to promoting running locally.